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BitLab Academy offers customized courses designed by industry experts, traders, and researchers to guide you towards being a successful cryptocurrency investor. Gain access to ongoing content, VIP member-only community, trading signals, and personal support throughout your crypto journey.

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There is something new for everyone to learn whether you are a beginner who needs to sort through all the noise and get set up with trusted exchanges or a more experienced crypto user who wants to explore minting NFTs, taking part in DeFi, or diving deeply into active trading.

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With the BitLab Subscription, you get access to all current and future content and access to the VIP side of the Discord. The VIP section includes VIP Calls where our instructors and team members will call out what positions they are in, random and frequent airdrops of select tokens, assistance with TA, and scheduled 1-on-1 chats with some of our team. 

You can expect to learn everything from the basics of “What is Crypto”, to more advanced topics including technical analysis, hot topics like DeFi and NFTs and plenty more topics that have yet to be announced! We are always working on new content and our team stays on top of updating our current content to make sure that you get the most updated and relevant information as the entire Crypto space grows!

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