BitLab Trading Suite

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  • Deep Analysis that integrates Volatility, Momentum, Hidden Volume, Trend Strength & Key divergences
  • Forecast & catch shifts in trends for all of your assets.
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Market Intelligence

BitLab Market Intelligence is an algorithmic indicator that provides incredible deep analysis to identify trend strength and divergences all in one look. BitLab Market Intelligence has 9 indicators built in and the ability to add any indicator within TradingView, although it works best with the other BitLab indicators (listed below) stacked on top to truly provide deep market intelligence.

BitLab Market Intelligence also provides key insights into shifting trends by utilizing a data driven color gradient that helps illustrate when a trend is running out of steam.

Market Intelligence gives traders the tools they need to perform analysis quickly and seamlessly while providing a visually stimulating build designed to keep analysis clear and concise.

Hidden Volume Indicator

BitLab Hidden Volume indicator is one of the best ways to predict price with analysis. The price of a market moves only with market participants creating buy or sell volume; BitLab Hidden Volume takes on balance volume and shows you which side is in control while simultaneously showing when breakouts occur out of channels creating a sudden price movement. This is done by calculating the price against volume for discrepancies that lead to a price moving up or down as a result of the volume mismatch. This indicator is easily paired with BitLab Market Intelligence and is a must for any volume analysis.

Relative Extrema

BitLab Relative Extrema measures momentum and strength that can be used to measure trends or reversal points by identifying the extreme ranges relative to price. Relative Extrema uses a proprietary calculation to measure price against a normalized price level over a preset time period.The histogram readings give you bullish and bearish strength indication with an area (Extrema Levels) set in transparent orange to easily identify when a current rally or sell off has reached extreme levels of movement. When the histogram readings have reached outside of the Extrema Levels the trend of that candle typically weakens or returns to normal operating levels within the Extrema. This method can also be used for identifying market movements that are temporary also.

Relative Extrema gives traders the information they need on an assets momentum and strength. This indicator can be paired with other indicator tools to provide optimal analysis. We recommend stacking Relative Extrema with BitLab Market Intelligence for additional readings and automatic plotting of divergences within the indicator.

Significant Movement Indicator

BitLab Significant Movement indicator uses a proprietary calculation to determine the strength and significance of a markets bottom or top. The calculation is derived by determining overbought and oversold levels with strength oscillators such as the stochastic and the relative strength index among several others. Additionally divergences are checked for their significance; This is determined by checking prior divergence strength against the current conditions. The indicator is designed to show you the dominant movement of either bullish (blue/green) or bearish (orange/red) at the market’s bottoms and tops. The indicator will determine the strength on that candle and plot its significance by shading a brighter color representing a larger impact. This indicator is easily paired with the BitLab Market Intelligence for a full view of the market’s information.