BitLab Academy Courses

"Crypto education from beginner to pro"

Trading Fundamentals 2.0

This course equips traders & investors with fundamental tools & principles to thrive in crypto markets. Learn basic concepts & fundamental building blocks to have a solid foundation in trading crypto. This course will prepare you for the more advanced courses here in BitLab.

Candle Patterns

This course will teach you how to interpret price action using candle patterns & chart formations. You’ll learn how to identify trends & key patterns so you can make informed trading decisions, identify trend reversals & continuation price targets based on an assets price action. Learn this core component of technical analysis.


Technical Indicators are a key component of technical analysis. In this course learn how to use indicators to make informed decisions & maximize profits when trading or investing. Learn how a variety of technical indicators work so you can effectively analyze market trends, momentum, trend strength & signals that help identify developing trend reversals.

Trading Strategies

Learn a variety of different trading strategies to confidently trade any part of a market cycle. Strategies for long or short term traders; bull & bear trend trading, basic macro strategy, trading reversals, range trading & more advanced strategies. Check back often, new strategies added regularly.