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Welcome to BitLab Academy:


Crypto education that bridges the gap from beginner to pro.BitLab Academy is an online education platform and community designed to provide comprehensive courses and support for people interested in blockchain, Bitcoin, crypto, trading, technical analysis, web3, and NFTS.Our courses are designed by industry experts, traders, and researchers and broken down into understandable focused topics to ensure a great crypto education. We designed each lesson to guide you through every step of understanding, navigating, and integrating this rapidly growing field, regardless of your proficiency level.

All New BitLab Academy

Recently reconstructed from the ground up, BitLab Academy offers an exceptional user experience, a new website, all new video based course content and quizzes to track progress. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to exceptional free basic education in blockchain and crypto, along with free resources for beginners.

From Beginner To Pro:

For those who aspire to gain a deeper understanding of Bitcoin, trading, and blockchain, we have a paid membership option that provides access to a wide range of diverse crypto education paths for advanced knowledge and strategies. We will be regularly updating content, courses and lessons to ensure our members get the best crypto education possible and have and edge in these markets.


Aside from our comprehensive course content, our Discord community offers unparalleled support to our members. Additionally, paid members can access the VIP members section, which features charts, technical analysis, extra training content, trading signals, and ongoing support for your crypto journey. Join BitLab Academy community today and learn to dominate the crypto markets, so that they don’t dominate you.

Meet The Team

TJ Shedd

Kelly Kellam
Director of BitLab Academy

Frank Parisi

Ray Meeks
Discord Community Lead