BitLab Academy FAQs

How do I access Discord?

you can join the BitLab Discord:
after you join be sure to connect your profile int the My Account area to get access to the premium sections

Do I need to join Discord to sign up for the courses or Indicators?


Is the Discord free?

There is free access to Discord with limited content but a great community!

Is there a premium Discord?

Yes, when you become a member BitLab Academy you get access to the premium discord, when you are a member of the BitLab Indicators you will gain access to that section of the Discord.

How do I connect my account on Discord?

Visit your MY ACCOUNT area and connect your Discord Profile

How do I know if it is the right Discord server?
How do I join?

There are two options to Join. You can go to the homepage and select to Join Free today; which provides limited access aimed at beginners interested in getting started learning the basics of Bitcoin and & Blockchain, and a limited amount of select free content from the a number of our courses

If you are ready to enroll and get the best crypto education, you can select “Enroll Now” on the top right portion of any page.

If you are looking for access to the indicators, you can select “indicators” on the navigation bar on the top of the page and add the indicator selection you are trying to access.

How much does cost?

It depends on which subscription you are interested in. 

  • Course Membership $37.99/month
  • BitLab Trading Stack $77/month
  • RayPulse $9.99/month*
What do I get with membership?

A BitLab Acacdemy membership gives you have access to all courses, monthly master classes, resources and premium discord.

Is there content for beginners?

There is content for every stage of your crypto education; From the most basic definitions, concepts & understanding exchanges, to courses on analysis, trading fundamentals, understanding indicators, psychology of trading and a variety of investing and trading strategies to navigate the market effectively

Is there free content?

Absolutely! We want to make sure anyone can learn the basics at no cost. There is plenty of content available for anyone interested in the Crypto Ecosystem. We recommend that everyone start with Blockain 101 & Bitcoin 101 courses.  You can head to the Crypto Beginners area for a selection of free content and resources we offer to help make sure you get started with a healthy understanding of the market. When you want to take your education further, join as a member for full access to all of our courses. 

What platform should I use for trading?

This depends on where you are located, what your level of experience is, and what your intentions are. Coinbase, Bitget & Binance are some of trusted exchanges that we use. Keep in mind that it is important that you dont have all your capital or assets in one place. Assets that you are not actively trading should be diversified in your own private wallets, not held on centralized exchanges.

Whats the difference between the BitLab YouTube stream and the academy courses?

The daily BitLab Academy Youtube streams provide an overview of daily market dynamics and is a great resource to stay current on the market and tie together concepts, strategies and practices so that you can stay on top of the market.

The BitLab Academy courses are broken down into focused curriculum topics to provide beginners and pros a deep understanding of the crypto ecosystem.  Start with the basics, like Bitcoin or Blockchain 101 courses, learn how to self-custody, and when you have a basic understanding of crypto you can take your deeper. We highly recommend each user build a strong foundation and go through each course section in the Trading course; Trading Fundaments, OnChain Data Analysis, Psychology of Trading, Technical Analysis, Candles, Candle Patterns, and THEN jump into the Trading Strategies course where we tie it all together.


Can I access these indicators in other charting platforms?

We currently only integrate with TradingView.

How do I access the indicators?

On TradingView at the top of the screen when looking at a chart you will see ‘Indicators’.This will produce a new box. Click this button and on the left ‘Invite-Only Scripts’ In here you will see all of the indicators you have paid for. Click on the small star to the left of the indicator to add them to your favorites

What is the RayPulse trading strategy, and how does it differ from the BitLab Trading Suite?

The RayPulse trading strategy is a mechanical-based approach designed for both beginner and advanced traders. It follows a specific set of rules and generates a signal on the chart only when these conditions are met, providing all the necessary information for a trader to open a trade including the Stop and Take Profit levels. The strategy is easy to follow and requires minimal discretion from the user.

The BitLab Trading Suite is a collection of indicators that provide deep analysis that integrates a critical array of data to help traders forecast market movements. Each individual indicator in the BitLab Trading suite aggregates data from many other signals providing users with a deep lens into likely shifts in market behavior. The various indicators that are part of the trading suite provide a look into hidden volume, strength, momentum, and divergences across 10 key metrics (providing leading signals for likely shifts of trend). In addition to this, the Relative Extrema (part of the BitLab Trading Stack) provides a lens into the health of price movements within a trend.  These indicators work best when used together as the complete BitLab Trading Stack.

This indicator suite provides an incredible look into market movements to help you navigate price action effectively.  This is a more advanced indicator and may be more suitable for experienced traders, however, we have a wealth of training content to help you understand and utilize this indicator package.


How many indicators are there?

All of our Indicators can be found here on the Indicators page

Where can I find training for the indicators?

You can find training and support for our indicators in our Discord chat. By joining our Discord community, you’ll have access to educational resources, discussions with other traders, and our team’s expertise. To join our Discord chat, please visit the following link: We look forward to seeing you there and helping you make the most of our trading tools!

Do I have to buy the academy to get access to the indicators?

No apart from the RayPulse indicator which requires you to have a subscription to the BitLab Academy.
All of the BitLab Trading Suite indicators can be purchased separately from our Shop. We do recommend that you gojoin the Academy to get a good understanding of the trading fundamentals, market dynamics and trading strategies courses so that you can make the best of the data provided with these indicators.

Is there a lifetime membership?

We currently do not offer any Lifetime membership levels

How much does cost?

The monthly membership cost for Courses & Premium Academy discord is $37.99/month

Can I pay using crypto?

Yes you can pay with crypto, you MUST account for the gas fee so the amount we receive is the correct amount for the payment. Additionally, crypto payments need to be done manually each month to continue your membership

Do I need to do anything to access the updates?

No, all members will automatically have access to new updates as they go live on the website.

Can I change my membership?

Yes you can! Make sure you are logged in to your account, then go to “myaccount” and you can adjust what level of membership you have. You can also add new subscriptions going through the purchase process for that products/subscription. You can also choose to cancel at any time in the “my account” area

How do I cancel?

We will be sorry to see you go, but thank you for being a part of our community. To cancel: Login to your account, go to “My account”, then “subscriptions” and cancel whichever product subscription you are looking to end.

Can I change my payment methods?

Yes you can update your payment method from the /my-account/edit-account/ page.

Do I need a TradingView account?

You don’t need TradingView, but you do need to utilize some charting software. In the academy we utilize TradingView and have lessons on it, and all of our indicators work exclusively in TradingView.

Can I use a free TradingView account?

Yes, You can use a paid or a free account. It really depends on the level of information you want available on your screen at any one time

How do I use TradingView?

Here is the short video on how to use/set your tradingview, Click here to watch

What if I change my TradingView username?

If you update your TradingView username please contact support so we can update your access to the Indicators.

Is TradingView the only platfrom the indicators work?

Yes, We do not currently have an agreement with any other platforms as TradingView is the most widely used.

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